Your partner for VAT refund and registrations in Switzerland

Optimize your business expenses up to 8%.

  • You regularly participate on exhibitions in Switzerland.
  • You are often in Switzerland for business purposes
  • Your company has its legal seat abroad
  • You do not provide services in Switzerland
  • You provide services in Switzerland and are considering a VAT registration
  • You want to optimize your business expenses

Then it is time to give a thought to your VAT paid in Switzerland and optimize your business expenses.  We can do this either by a VAT Application at Swiss Tax Authority (VAT refund), by a registration or by getting in contact with your supplier to discuss optimized solutions.

We are experts in the specific analysis of your needs. We will handle your Swiss VAT matters with a huge effect

No fix fee, no annual fee, attractive conditions

Our extensive support includes:

  • Representative against Tax Authorities for Swiss VAT Refund.
  • Submission of your VAT Application within the given deadlines
  • Substantive examination of your invoices.
    • If the invoices are issued deficiently, consultation with suppliers to obtain compliant documents.
    • If the VAT has been charged wrongly, consultation with suppliers in order to get credit notes.
  • In case you provide services in Switzerland, we handle your registration process in a competent way, submit your quarterly statements and advise you in all relevant administrative matters
  • Extensive consultations around the Swiss VAT by proposals to improve your processes
  • Application Procedure English.pdf
  • Application Procedure II.pdf

Formal requirements

  • The application must be submitted between 1st of January and 30th of June, after expiring of the VAT year. You can send us your documents earlier, so the application can be submitted in January. The processing time at Tax Authorities will be shorter (countercyclical submission)  
  • Application form for VAT refund with Power of Attorney for your Swiss representative (Wolfcons). The form must be completed and signed, with company stamp. The Application form with Power of Attorney must be re-issued for each VAT request (every year)  (
  • Certificate of Tax Status, proof of registration as a VAT registered company, to get at the Tax.
  • Original invoices (no copies), company address must be identical with the one on the Certificate of Tax Status  (if no, an explanation has to be given)
  • Existing Rule of Reciprocity in which the company has its seat
  • One claim per year